Tommy Lobo

21:30 Club Stage Haus

[ BlauBlau Records ]

Deranged Kick-in-the-gut Rap
Throwing up the Poison
Brace Yourself – a Tempest is Coming!

«Retrotopia» stands above the gate of the present, which we complacently created ourselves. Sledgehammer and courage to those who defend themselves against conventional teachings, behaving as we should and letting ourselves be indoctrinated by indolent classes and scenes. Wake up, Tommy Lobo, two-faced thunder wolf, the ignorant-gray masses lie like carrion at your feet. Shake them up with your angry-disturbing howl, drive them with your whipping beats, and puncture them with your word-artillery, slowly, then quickly, until the illusory world bursts.

Text: Valentin Brügger

Linn Da Quebrada