The Comet Is Coming

17:15 Main Stage Bogen

[ Impulse! Records ]

Trip & Rave-Jazz
Saxtastic Journey Through the Cosmos/ The End is Near the Beginning

«In the sky will be seen a fire, dragging a tail of sparks.» With no less than such prophecies, the three futuristic kings bring news of the apocalypse, the final days of the conservative-structured sound world in whose aftermath the Comet Is Coming rise to reconnect the cosmos and to fill it with their soundscapes. And indeed, what the trio of erratic drums, fulminant synths and frenetic sax tunes creates not only transcends any genre, but also has the power to vibrate everything from shoelace to asteroid belt. In the tail of the comet, one can burn away wonderfully.

Text: Valentin Brügger

Linn Da Quebrada