Lautsprecher Orchester Freiburg presents Furtherset

15:00 Feld / Festivalsite

[ -ous ]

Man soll die Orchester feiern, wie sie fallen
Furthermore, Furtherset

It is an extraordinary pleasure that the Lautsprecher Orchester Freiburg returns after its brilliant initiation at the Kilbi 2018. What began as “a bunch of loudspeakers, amplifiers and me” has now become a pool of experimental artists: Bernhard Zitz from Freiburg founded the Lautsprecher Orchester, literally translated ‘loudspeaker orchestra’, to play electronic or electroacoustic music through more than the usual two channels. In collaboration different musicians present their specially created compositions – at this Kilbi they come from the -OUS label newbie Furtherset from Italy. Ma che bello!

Text: Fabienne Schmuki

Linn Da Quebrada