Lautsprecher Orchester Freiburg presents Dj Marcelle

15:00 Feld / Festivalsite

[ Jahmoni Music ]

Yes! ANOTHER nice mess!
Sound surround
Earplugs go to hell

A reunion works best with old friends, and since DJ Marcelle is a resident at Kilbi we are looking forward to her get-together with the Lautsprecher Orchester Freiburg. The High Priestess will play some of her gems, and different speakers with different sound characters will be placed around the audience, creating a kind of surround sound. Anyone whose head has already been spun due to some Marcellian music can expect to be swept off their feet. Maybe literally. What else we’re in for at this performance is an absolute surprise!

Text: Fabienne Schmuki

Linn Da Quebrada