Julian Sartorius, Hans Koch und Martin Schütz dirigieren das Dreibühnen-Orchester

15:00 Feld / Festivalsite

Dreigroschenoper for anti-capitalists
How to turn the tables
Wie du mir, so ich dirigier!

Musicians: Manuel Troller, Cyril Bondi, Cyril Yeterian, Noldi Alder, Béatrice Graf, Dieb13, Billy Roiz, Hans-Peter Pfamatter

Oh, Holy Trinity: The drummer Julian Sartorius, the cellist Martin Schütz and the clarinet player / saxophonist Hans Koch conduct an orchestra together, which is based on three stages. To ensure this ends in chaos, surprises are of course welcome. The sound technicians of the Lautsprecher Orchester by Bernhard Zitz (check out «Lautsprecher Orchester Freiburg presents»…) are in charge of blowing our minds with this three folding sound. An homage to improvisation!

Text: Fabienne Schmuki

Linn Da Quebrada