Daniel O’Sullivan & Dream Lyon Ensemble

19:00 Main Stage Bogen

[ O Genesis ]

Free Form Of A Wild Wide Collective
Unspeakable Glance
Subtle Pop Alterations About Melancholia

Even if Insecure Men will be somewhere else, this is not the worst thing that can happen. Unexpectedly then, Daniel Sullivan will pass by here, surrounded by a few sizes to spread his folly into the fields of Kilbi in the midst of toads and mushrooms. The Dream Lyon Ensemble will report their reveries for their second realisation here between neo-classical excusions, free pop collages, and hallucinating textures, translating the unspeakable.
This is what making the detour into these wild lands worth the trip. Let’s be foxy together.

Text: Laure-Anne Cossu

Linn Da Quebrada