Black Midi

22:00 B Stage Kantine

[ Rough Trade ]

No Magnificent Purpose
Ricochet Noise-Rock or Else
Bad Bonn and Windmill Smell the Same

Black Midi is an enigma, because they don’t give a damn! Large presence online, eccentric behaviour, pretentious band manifesto – nothing at all! Four nonchalant buddies from London who give a shit on genre barriers even less than on any hype about themselves. The only credo besides the steady progression: «Make something good!». The good thing this time is intricate metrics, atonal jazz riffs, noise waves and absurd lyrics, who knows, out of boredom they might just convey the whole thing as a rave remix. I can’t take it anymore, it’s simply too good.

Text: Valentin Brügger

Linn Da Quebrada