Exit Haltaweg

At train stations you sometimes stumble upon a secret. If you find yourself standing in the centre of a little idyllic town called Düdingen, you might need some local guidance and perhaps squint a little, to make out a little path at the edge of town. The walk along the street towards KILBI feels like walking through the grasslands in a colourfully painted tunnel. A blue canopy stretches out above you and sometimes beneath you. Little townhouses, garlands, colourful lampshades from modern fabric, pictures of Jo Siffert and Jean Tinguely decorate the visible and invisible walls like paintings. A small pink car drives past offering an apology. We excuse it. We go on with it, drawn by distant sounds, not feeling observed whilst carrying backpacks and stuffed paper bags intersecting old and new friends. Folks are drinking tea in hiking boots, coffee in too short shorts, or wine in a dress. Billboards on the shores of the N1 Autobahn are in role-play with each other. Familiar homely scenes and moods motivate us the welcome this festival once again. With all those lovely helpers and our trusted tractor. This is our culture.

The highway exit leads to a rural amusement park, to a playground in our backyard. It’s a happy, harmonious site that just works and sounds great with that pre-summer, but post-peculiarity feeling. Low-key water lilies, music, rap, tunes from music boxes or jazz from every angle and corner. Mudded or jointed, conducted or untamed and wild. And then just a few stone throw away, paradise. By the lake in a hazy glimmer, differences vanish. By the beach in pristine surroundings, peaceful and happy festivalgoers linger. The presence oscillates in secrecy. Those are the grateful places that save us from the mania of our current times. Does this sound like utopia or perhaps a travel guide? It’s hard to contain all that enthusiasm once you’ve been touched by KILBI and still we don’t embellish, we merely describe.

Sounds Fiction

Out of curiosities, a lack of compositions, planned yet unplanned clashes of jabber and punk, but between party clarinet and hip-hop medleys and stories happen. Oddly breaded sounds that deny a clear concept and an easy digestion. But sometimes things need to be a bit tortuous in order to cross borders. Shall we call it psychedelic?

Perfection isn’t something that we truly understand. Initial setups might confuse. Is it supposed to sound like this? Questions after questions. The important thing is pose and respect, over everything. Sometimes you recognize something, sometimes you don’t. That’s when you can put a face on a description, paint a poem from a song and get some fries for the mistakes.

We speak of programming, curating, inspiring and a ton of sweat. The rest is coincidence, like KILBI.

Hallo / Do 30. Mai 2019

We begin together with a firework of sounds in a mad opening ceremony. The ENSEMBLE BABEL-LEON reverberates first hidden in nature, but then moves on to the “Bogen” to bring the groove to the cathedral. DJ MARCELLE conducts his speaker-orchestra; THE BURDEN REMAINS tell us how metal got its “post” and TWIXT bring down the house with an incredible commotion. Is this even music? Leave us be, we like to be surrounded.

In the centre of it all stands SOPHIE HUNGER, the miracle of Bern. She was cradled in a manger of punk, hip hop and folk and grew up not to walk on water, put upon a stage. We hail those women. No fear. Just lust. She carries a crown and electronic clouds carry us.

A roaring, noisy, experimental wild performance of electronica awaits us with YVES TUMOR. Hold tight. You might hang up high there for a moment.

While you’re up there, wait for JPEGMAFIA. He is pitch-dark but not without humour. His repertoire is multi-facetted. Unfathomable and that won’t change. If trap-music is the beat of the street, then JPEGMAFIA is the subconsciousness of a trap. Traps and snares surround us but it’s ok. He is punk and he comes with guns blazing.

Turn One Two / 31. Mai 2019

The Italian genius FURTHERSET switches on the power. A young, crazy composer. Pictures blare from speakers. Grooves, samples and melodies of soul, disco or R’n’B of the 60’s and 70’s, rhythmic structures of house and jazz.

A crazy hour of music history awaits us from Chicago with RP BOO, SEYMOUR WRIGHT and PAUL ABBOTT. Then someone puts us under a surreal spell. It’s inconceivable to imagine somebody who writes, plays and feels such music. Maybe KATE NV does, with us.

If there is one, then SOPHIE has envisioned it, the future of pop. Everyone wants to sound like this Scottish producer. The electro- spectacle of the second night of KILBI, is dream and a vision. It’s an ideal meeting point. Nothing matters here not even directions.

SLOWTHAI is currently the most thrilling English rapper. If the soft green pastures surrounding KILBI won’t dampen his energy and those misfit stories, then cheers my friends. 

BLACK MIDI are so hot right now. The four of them are barely twenty years old. Being hunted and celebrated by the press doesn’t impress them, or at least not as much as the music of Deerhoof or the Talking Heads does. Incredible live and with a ton of energy!

Eventually all songs must come to an end. Or do they not? OKTOBER LIEBER see that differently. They make no difference between experimenting and clubbing. I dance beside myself. You too? Synthesizer-wave, techno, some of us will think it’s mind-blowing. Wanna bet?

Tune In / 1. Juni 2019

A three-stage orchestra. KOCH, SCHÜTZ and SARTORIUS conduct. All three on all stages simultaneously and at the heart of it, you hear everything at once. Movement makes the mix. It’s a spectacle with tentacles of notes and beats. The master builder is the ZITZ.

Incomprehensible. The performer, artist and musician RENÉE VAN TRIER disappears in her own universe, in her mythical world and pulls us all in, maybe into the lake. 

TOMBERLIN sound like an invitation, a secret out of pop and urgency. A tornado in the making.

“We’ve put her on a pedestal, and she hasn’t disappointed us”, the exceptional COURTNEY BARNETT. A passionate, gifted, left-handed guitarist and a real amazing, natural performer. You forget yourself and your surroundings, when her loud and stubborn grungy riffs take hold of you with a velvet-underground-like monologue.

Much has been written and negotiated about the Londoners SONS OF KEMET. Call it wave, fake jazz or postpunk with bass culture influences, all we know is that we love to dance to it and feel free doing so. The founding band leader SHABAKA HUTCHINGS is a central figure in the London music scene and at KILBI. He is already playing during the afternoon with THE COMET IS COMING.

YAEJI is a south Korean out of New York, or vice versa and sings in Korean. It feels like a secret, a beautiful secret. Between techno and house, but still underground, you can lose yourself and fall in love again. Her music enchants, put her in your goody bag.


We listen to FREDERIK whilst skipping rope. There is a picnic after the concert. A flying, fun, dark, flaky and new show.

Pogo with TOMMY LOBO. Bio rap, straight from the cellar. If u want to score, stick your elbows out or blink before you lay down.

The minimalistic and repetitive techno from TRESQUE comes with a slice of rave and abstract parts of soul. Things get softer. We go further. You can go far in an hour, as far as Africa maybe, with DJ RAPH.

Two is plenty, less is more. CYRIL CYRIL are grandiose. The riffs and rhythms of them two, capture and take control of the audience with ease.

The next two mongrels hail from a place called Mouton Noir in Fribourg. HORSE I’M VIRUS deliver electronic music like back in the old days, or anew like in a squat.


Literature in real-time. The authoress Michelle Steinbeck writes free from the keyboard, onto fresh pages of nature. We can read along with her thoughts on screen, during a few hours a day. Homemade, dreamt or inspired. Guests, birds and duels are welcome. The performance will take place onsite and is called “live stream of consciousness”.


DOMINIC OPPLIGER is reading his book and PAPIRO synthesizes to it. The text is blues. The language has a tic. Not an ounce of normality but rhythmic. PAPIRO floats with electronic tones into psychedelics and yonder.

Yodelling, violins and drums can be heard by the lake. It’s a premier for NOLDI ALDER & BEATRICE GRAF. Then there is EMILIE ZOÉ; she sings her songs alone and towards the fishing boats and pikes.

Take Away

In the rootlessness of this networked world, we need something old-fashioned; rituals, presence, closeness, encounters, a break. On the outskirts of the KILBI we can have a banter, but listening is nice too. Noise, but mainly from people. Out there is a place for strolls, a place where you can hug a solitary cherry or apple tree like an old hippie.

Someday the last words of the performing artist will be sung in choirs.
Somehow, we never invent anything solely by ourselves.
Somethings are really nice down here.

The KILBI team offers their gratitude to everyone who is elated by music and who shows an interest in our organisation.

Love me or try.

Tonverein Bad Bonn
Daniel Fontana

Linn Da Quebrada