If there still is such a place, then Düdingen is the spot to re-invent yourself out of thin air. True, the train-station could use a little more attention. Even mayflies stand out. Sneakers look like they’ve been prescribed by an orthopaedist. Call it charming, diverse or efficient. Here desire only points in one direction. Moreover, the incessant, aimless flock is back to roam the woodchip covered grounds. There is nothing to win, but much to gain. Grüessech. Being different is noble. Feeding frenzy or feeling frenzy. Everything besides bliss is unimportant. We wish you three full days of it. Remember the point of our labour is connected with the decision, where we spend our time.  Along with the kids, today, having fun.

Objections within thirty years please, or we keep going until the cows come home.


Kilbi is a hologram, a dive into a galaxy of light and sound. You emerge out of this three-sided virtual world, which reality you can experience on a website, and jump or pirouette into the middle of it.

No matter how you are or what you wear. Kilbi is looking at humans under a microscope. Narrated by individuals, phenomena’s, the human substance and its reality. We love and live with poise. 

A little delay can change a lot, always a little late becomes nonchalantly, permanently alive. Stay at it and in it, copy trance explosions, float with synth-pop grooves whilst twerking those mountains away. The festival starts with postpunk, keeps going and comes back to it at the end, at the bar for example, the first morning after, with DJ ping pong between actress and debonair. The sun rises and our good mood lingers on.


Numbers, abbreviations. We don’t always understand. There are Vimeo-decisions or there is incessant listening to like different genres of music. Let’s go! In Yo Ga tempo. Loud promises, sounds that really need to sound out of various and available speakers. Deers are fleeing since Hunter Kassel has his trigger finger on the dial and is shooting fine but strange bullets of sound across the meadows. It is a speaker orchestra, Freiburg time.

The party begins when the Bulgarians are whistling from the stage. The hearts that follow the rhythm of Samir Kurtov Trios, will survive and someday, somehow, somewhere marry.

From start to the end, she spreads good cheer. 070 SHAKE is firing gloomy and explosive beats into the mosh pit. Are you so free? She doesn’t want to be our everything but that won’t be easy. Pink Floyd or Thom Yorke perhaps knew that music like this would one day exist.

The CHROMATICS were always serious. Carried by the waft of an untouchable voice you float over freeways and never want to return home. In magnificent, absurd and broad sentences, she echoes into a void and yet touches everyone. Roll the tape. The fog is on its way.

In accompaniment or in the guidance of four-handed, experimental, industrial-Techno DE BONS EN PIERRE send a demon to the centre of rave. The party is a performance and provocative celebration.   

In futuristic armour or favourite costumes, TETO PRETO provokes and manifests as the probably most political collective of Brazil. In the floodlight of XIV they play and perform techno, house, jazz or garage-punk à la tropicale. Only football has a finale for everyone. They leave more than just a mark against the repression of the queer scene.


ALICE complains! They love, sing in sideswipes. Catastrophes come with the refrain and rhythm with verses. And suddenly he’s gone. Three voices, two Synthesizers and fingertip compositions, from this humorous and odd Genevan trio.

They could play «Mantra modern» for hours. This song from KIT SEBASTIAN sounds like it always existed. It’s Anatolian samba jazz in a psychedelic wrapping, he sounds a bit like a bonvivants who strayed off into a synthesizer-museum and turned analogue high-end material into lo-fi.

The Indonesian duo GABBER MODUS OPERANDI are the fulfilment or sum of our memories. Gabber, hard techno, footwork, grind, noise, Gamelan samples, Dangdut Koplo or Jathilan occur, and when they cook in Asia they can add as much as they want, it just keeps getting better.

The originally came from the internet-subculture. From Finland. Now they live in Berlin. The aim is to find the AMNESIA SCANNER room at every concert. They are unpredictable and anti-Anglocentric. They like distorted reggaeton and sick pop. Imperfect and not too abstract. Trialled and tested at concerts.


Saturday start with a lot of noise with a mix of analogue and digital sounds, English and French chanting. Three quarters of an hour of poetry from FELICIA ATKINSON on piano. 

Our tip, silly dancing. The IDLES from Bristol are the punk bastards of our time. They plunge into the fray, in the battle against injustice. Their concerts feel like a football game. Everyone is singing and no one is playing football.

With the crews of NYEGE NYEGE a label from Uganda, the world loses control. KAMPIRE & DECAY are probably the most thorough and creative figures of the collective. They come with themselves as a present from East Africa. Their show BUNU BOP is currently the best of the party culture of Kampala! Together or in line with MC YALLAH & DEBMASTER they bring the house or rather arc down, with rap over heavy beats.

Icy-cold electronics bring some warmth for the NDW, ragas or rave. Behind the nickname or front of DE AMBASSADE hides the synthesizer magician von Dollkraut. Mysterious Dutch, Knekelhuis-like stories and very beautiful. Therefore, it sounds logical they get the same slot as John Maus did two years ago. Infinite drum dance for striped black and white thoughts, shaking heavily.

To say BBYMUTHA will be the crowd’s darling is a blatant but truthful allegation. Her southern flair, her cool and undistorted, loving way of fighting for the women in our society left it’s marks and makes indie-pop fans forget about their fear of rap. A single parent mother from Tennessee, who is a role model for young MC’s.


Where they want to go, they’re not allowed to know. The Swiss music scene has been super for a while now. Without having to break through anything. Changing directions is permitted at all times. 

When we say do it yourself we mean OMNI SELASSI and SCHADE. Those two examples of DIY will award a note of psychedelic to any neat club. On artificial grass, cables connect machines with people, guitars and synthesizers. We love some romance and noise from the border triangle of Bienne.

Of course, back then one of the best Swiss post-trop bands of the world was missing at the CBGB. Genius song writing from Aris, true performance from Barbara, spontaneous humour, freakishly good. PETER KERNEL can do it quiet or loud. Exclusive on Kilbi’s big stage.

STEFANIE STAUFFACHER and Constant Hiatus aka Lara Stoll and Lukas Marty are performing. That much is clear. They will show them country bumpkins how to make a ruckus. It is intravenous punk and whoever crowd-surfs will get their pockets filled with gold. XL the fun and extraversed the spectacle. The only Austrian show is happening in Switzerland.

Is the romantic adventure REYMOUR love and folly? A duo, a pair from Fribourg is leaving for Brussels. The label Caf? from Vevey is releasing their EP «Sarabande à deux». Sarabande, or the forbidden erotic dream. They smell like beer and they celebrate it, daringly moving into crowds of unruly but cheerful people.

FILM 2 is a stroboscope and during the day an unbelievable, razor-sharp sounding noise rocket, blasting towards a tiny target. Big bang!

Something is moving. AMAMI and ETHYOS 440 from Geneva. That means terms like; Bongo Joe, Dancehall, Electropop, Tropicool Funk Storm, Eclair, Dj Laxeste A et la vie est en rosé.


Looking at music and listening to the water. Marking a book, or looking at pictures out of a full heart without having to think. We present four acts and an installation down by the lake.

Rébétez the GÄNGSTGÄNG wordsmith is hammering words out like crazy in the sand. The bass resounds across the lake and electric sirens float away. 

The installation A KALEIDOSCOPE OF NOTHINGNESS is hanging from the trees and in the aura of CÉDRIC BLASER, who gives his hypnotic soundscapes space and time. His music stands for sustainability and relaxation.

The hum of the bees combined with the fine vocal melodies of LEONI LEONI transform into a polyphonic choir. Sarah, Lisa and Yvonne are ALICE, “seems logical” says the captain of the boat and joins in song.


Quelle FRANCE! Vive La Trance. The crazy French drill their guitar sounds with a constant drone, into your soul. Join or leave. There is no in-between.

Feeling in my zone, give a dog a bone. London’s Lo-Fi Rapper LORD APEX feels like being home and confirms our passion to feel cradled in nonsense whilst jumping around in black hoodies.

SVBCVLT is an experimental club-music label from Shanghai and stands for lifestyle. The keys are with 33EMYBW. She is the new star on the cellars night-sky. Limb Dance is what you call her uncompromising playing style. Her tracks are out for confrontation! Her label-mate GOOOOOSE will test the reach of the speaker’s orchestra.


On fait un peu ce que les gens ils aiment. In the ideal case, our visitors will leave us with this feeling. It matters not what they play but when and how they do it. For a good Kilbi rough diamonds are sometimes the brightest.

With consideration, in the name of minorities and with the hope it suits all of you; we give everything and still have some left.

I should’ve stayed in Düdingen.
Pour la fin des temps. 
And with a Sinalco (swiss beverage) in my hand.

It takes a whole village to raise a festival and it takes the whole crowd of a festival to understand a band. 
We thank you for your patience and loyalty.


Daniel Fontana
Tonverein Bad Bonn

4.5.6.   6.2020